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Wednesday, 11 January 2006


e.benson! i talked to willo & she said that since you are my friend and i vouched for you (i.e. lied & told her that you are NOT crazy), she would be willing to share her already reserved & ideally located hotey room with you. as long as you don't snore or leave the toilet seat up. oh, and if you agree to give up the coveted second bed when i show up for the music conference. because, hello, i need a place to sleep! anyway, these are but minor stipulations. yeah?!?

hey i want to hang out more this year.

i have a room right across the street, but the extra bed is spoken for, and the floor might be as well.

i DON'T have a place for after interactive (i got a plat pass this year). are you staying for music?

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