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Thursday, 22 December 2005



I believe the answer to ALL of the questions in the above would be "YES." Hee, your entries just make me so happy. Thanks as always for pooping them out. =)

Have you ever read or listened to Alan Watts? He has a tape or two on meditation that I found very useful.

Let me know, I'll dig something up for your if you haven't experienced AW.

Merry Christmas!

Joe, no, I haven't heard of him before. Looks like he produced quite a bit of work though... do you recommend any book in particular?

Do you think stream-of-consciousness TYPING is quasi-equivalent to meditating? Typing words as they come to you... letting words lead to other words, not caring about where they go or if they repeat, but just sort of pooping them out for a period of time? Because, after trying it a couple times I think it FEELS the same. In fact, I think it feels a bit better, because it's an action rather than a lack of action. It's easy to DO something, it's not so easy NOT TO DO something. Sit and DON'T think, versus sit and write whatever. But, what I fear is that I won't get any better at noticing the impressions of thoughts because I'm forcing thoughts a bit more by pushing words out along the screen.

One distinction is that after you type words, the words remain in the document, where you can see them while typing other words, you can read them later, and you can even post them in your blog for others to read. Every one of these features is not found in speech. Which ones are detrimental to the goals of meditation, I don't know. But there is a huge distinction between the two acts. When you are speaking stream of consciousness, I think one of the goals is to sort of release it from your brain... not worry about it anymore... experience it as you think and say it, but then don't dwell on it. If you are typing something, [1]your eyes can flick back over the screen occasionally to consider what you were stream-of-consciousnessing 2 minutes ago [2]as you type, you know that you can read the words later. so your brain isn't required to make the commitment of giving each word a good solid consideration, and then releasing it... forever!

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