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Thursday, 29 September 2005


Intriguing. You've touched on two main points that I've been thinking about lately. One, the need to take time to think about things in order to act on them. I recently read Fahrenheit 451 and in it one of the characters, an old professor who'd gone into hiding, summed up the three things most important to life that were pretty much impossible anymore: one, take time to read deeply; two, take time to think; and three, well, I can't remember the third (ha!). Anyway, in the book, it was this taking time to think that people could no longer afford and, thus, everything else sort of fell away. I've been feeling that way, that when I don't take time to think things through I feel empty and incapable of action. In fact, I hardly know what things need acting upon. How often do we put the book down, turn off the music and the computer, and just think? Then, the second point, solving things by taking things away. I agree this is crucial. Often times there are too many things competing for one's attention and that only makes it harder to think things through. It becomes impossible to find the true value in things and so one spends too much time swirling around in a whirlpool of mindless tasks. The damn Internet doesn't help. Sure, it's better than watching TV but even if you spend all day reading philosophical essays on your screen and don't take a few moments to ponder what you've read, it's wasted on you.

hey erik, just wanted to say i enjoyed reading this and have thought about similar issues myself. totally with you on the taking things away point.

yo. good stuff.

you might enjoy this. it makes a (well done, not cheesy) metaphor between people and computers, and talks about changing one's "self".

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