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Wednesday, 21 September 2005


at hardware stores, you can buy a thin rubber condom thing that goes over the round part of your key, ostensibly to protect it from wear. the side-effect of that it hapticly differentiates any given key, so you'll know which key you've got even before you finish pulling your keychain out of your pocket.

That is pretty much how I remember which key is which. Although, the key that looks like my house key....I have no idea what it goes to. Both are KW1 (KwikSet) keys. Maybe it goes to the door at my parents' house? I carry around 2 keychains, one with house keys and one with car keys. I always drive to my office, so my office keys are on the car key chain. Recently, I've discovered that I really only need two keys though since nothing at my desk locks anymore.

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