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Tuesday, 16 August 2005


you're the one who speaks moonese, benson. so why don't you name it in its own language?

i'm reading Wake Up, Sir! on your recommendation, and i like it.

i also like everything you wrote here.

I don't know if I would say that I found the hopelessness romantic--more that those people I overheard could still have that kind of hope despite everything. Is that the same thing? I just find human's capacity for hope sort of amazing--it carries us through so much. Maybe it is denial, not hope. Still, sometimes that is all we got.

I love love love how Antoine Doinel dresses, with his turtlenecks and scarves. I so want to live in a French New Wave film. I think that would suit you more than seersucker. I suggested both the Antoine Doinel films and Jonathan Ames to you. I think that earns me a pony.

May I suggest you either get a cat or breed a baby Eben if you are so desperate to name something Wisky.

The moon has a name. It's called Luna. The solar system has a name by default, as it's the system of our star, Sol. Sol, hence 'Solar System'.


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