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Saturday, 12 February 2005


Wow, you've done an amazing job remixing and re-designing your blog - and with the Bloglines API no less! You da man. I find it interesting (in a nerdy way) how you've gone from roll-yer-own software to MT to Typepad. I replaced my linkblog with delicious early Jan and did other Web 2.0-ish things, but you've raised the bar. Oh, re Feedburner - you can re-direct all your current subs across to that with some htaccess dohickey. So you get a count of all subscribers, not just the new ones.

Also, I thought that Salon article totally sucked - especially after the first article that was positive. A low blow. So good to see the Robots are taking it in their stride.

Thanks Richard. Yeah, it's definitely been a strange road from trying to do everything myself to letting the people who know how to do it best do it for me. It'll be interesting to see if this recombination of all my content will make me less apprehensive about having such a fragmented identity. The cool thing is that almost any new thing to come in the future is bound to have an RSS feed, so I can just add it to the mix and continue along.

I'll take a look at the redirection stuff... do you have any pointers for the best syntax to use in .htaccess to get this effect? Probably a simple 302 (or whatever the number is) with a quiet redirect will work?

I am bummed about the recent press, but we have no choice really other than to hope that our intentions will be something we can prove a little better as time goes on.

I have a feeling you got the redirects working because I got the burned feed instead of the plain old on this past evening. This is something I feel like I might do as well because I'm starting to spread out a bit on the web. Now that I know it can be done, I'll probably make this my new personal project.

Re the re-direct, there are some handy links at the end of this post I did last year:

The main help post from Feedburner is this one:

I think you may've done it already, judging by my Bloglines this evening. But those are the refs in any case (sorry I should have noted them in my first comment)

Re the recent press, I suppose looking on the bright side - the 43 Things brand is out there now, even if it was by sensationalistic coverage. And most people will recognize the second Salon piece for the tabloid rubbish it was.

Awesome. Yeah, I got it working... though, I realize now that by combining all of my feeds and then forwarding some of them through feedburner, I'm now aggregating feeds through feedburner which in turn aggregate feeds from several other places. Yikes. I wonder what would happen if I created an infinite feed loop.

I'll keep an eye on the server load charts! (smile)

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