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Monday, 13 December 2004


jokes ikea mapquest

Sadly, I am amazon lyrics amazon news.

mapquest amazon games games ikea ebay

Alan, yours is cracking me up. I like the repetition in your name too, games games.

dictionary amazon verizon ikea dictionary

Don't forget the numbers (for people with numbers in their names?):

0 = 02
1 = 1
2 = 2004 election
3 = 3m
4 = 411
5 = 50 cent
6 = 60 minutes
7 = 7th heaven
8 = 89.com
9 = 911

Amazon news dictionary recipes ebay weather, nice to meet you.

linksys ikea amazon, that's me!

(i'm typing this on an ikea bed, my linksys wifi router is in the living room, and one of my tabs is open to amazon)

according to the numbers posted by jose, my age is 2004 election 911.

that about sums it up, hm?

Oh yeah: Tara Reid Online Dictionary Dictionary Dictionary

amazon lyrics ikea spybot online dictionary news.

that makes it sound like my name is alisodn.

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