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Wednesday, 19 May 2004


Wow. I am stunned. Words fail me. You are a much braver person than I could ever be for posting that song. Actually, I think I'm feeling inspired to try something crazy of my own now.

Haha. Yeah, it's not exactly the most flattering song for my singing or composition abilities, but that's okay, I still have a day job. I did do it partly to up the ante for you. I was cracking up with I heard your "Outro" at work.

Hey man no offense - but that was the shittiest song I've heard all day. :D

I warned you. :) Wait til you hear my next one! Think Pink Floyd's Echoes mixed with YMCA and the Star Spangled Banner.

Oh no, Erik. Please tell me that last comment was a joke! :-)

My apologies to all fans of music, whoever and wherever you are.

Horrific, absolutely horrific.

:-) just kidding, it's me, Richard Mac. I'm enjoying listening to your musical efforts. Experimental art at its...er, most experimental ;-)

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