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Saturday, 16 August 2003


thats a lot of instructions
i think i would rather use a service like textamerica that i don't have to spend time setting up and managing - it would seem that most would prefer that wouldn't they?

That's why I put the instructions up... because it was a lot more difficult than it should've been. I definitely suggest using a community site if you really just want to get something up and running with the minimum amount of hassle. The only thing that doing it yourself will allow is to have more control over the final product, and to satisfy the curiosity of geeks like me.


COM ports
Hi ..
My name is Arun and I have a lil problem that I need some help with.
I recently bought a phone and a Hawking Bluetooth Adapter. It worked just fine on day one... and has not worked since then. Neither the Phone's User help nor the Hawking Help was of any help. Is there any place where I could read and understand the "technology" of connecting the Phone to the Computer via Bluetooth?

Pls Advice...

Wow! Thanks!
Thanks for the great instructions! I'll DEFINITELY give this a spin - I really really like the idea of automatic thumbnailing!

(further details on my quest for a proper moblog solution here)

Any nice way to get mt-moblog to strip out the T-Mobile headers? I see there's a section in the code for Cingular, but I'm not 100% as to how to modify that for T-Mobile...


How does this approach handle "unique" e-mails from carriers like Sprint. Basically, Sprint doesn't attach the picture to the e-mail. Instead, they send you an HTML e-mail with links to view a page that has the original picture. Textamerica handles this...somehow. Any ideas? Thanks!

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