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Sunday, 01 June 2003


I think you nailed the problem when you started talking about queues and why people parse ideas forever and ultimately stall them, rather than getting to work bringing in data (that is what a prototype does, accelerates the arrival of data). You've got the resources to move forward on all fronts, most people don't (or aren't sufficiently curious).


I'd like for you to share the code if your willing. Does it run locally or on a webserver (or on a local webserver)? Also the values you mention sound like they are geared towards software / project management ideas. Is it possible to modify for other uses ie. a music wishlist with music categories and desirability etc.


I will.
I plan on releasing the code in a bit. I'll have to genericize it a little to make it configurable for things like what you talk about, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

Any update?
Erik, hate to be a pain, but any update on the code release? The screenshots look very promising. Regards, Michael.

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