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Monday, 19 May 2003


yeah but...
In general terms you only 'have' money and possessions as an internal narrative that you tell youself in order to provide a comfortable emotional charge. In physical or sensory terms they're almost meaningless, so don't lose too much sleep ;)

You must be one of those agents sent to confuse me. Hi!

Money and possessions aren't things; they're just representative of potential. Money is the potential for acquiring things and services. Possessions are the potential for doing something with them (as opposed to vegetating in the full lotus). And since potential events aren't actual events unless/until they actually happen, money and possessions only represent an increased probability of these potential things happening.

Sorry, meant to ask...Mind if I exercise my zen and tie your posts together?

That's why you should spend it all or give it away. Pass it on.

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