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Sunday, 12 May 2002


I especially like the one of the ditch, on a diagonal, between red tulips, and the ones of the sky reflected in muddy water.

This one,
woman sitting in tulips, is my personal favorite. The mud there was really strange, sort of squishy, but plasticy at the same time. There were cracks in the mud that, if you stepped on them, would open up like cuts, and then when you stepped away the cracks would close back up. It was really gross, actually.

grossness can be so appealing sometimes.

erik, weren't you and kharis making fun of me last year for going to see the tulips?! well this year i went one week too late, and the tulips had been "topped". so needless to say my photos aren't quite as nice as yours...

Did I?
I don't remember making fun of you Leanne, but I wouldn't put it past myself. I'm such a hypocrite sometimes. Anyway, last year, the tulips were so in, everyone went, it was cool. This year, it felt sort of ghetto, people were going back, waiting in line for hours, finding almost no joy in the experience. That's my story, at least.

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