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Sunday, 12 May 2002


Hi. My name is
kate, and I'm a recovering coulrophobic.

amanda is a 21 yr old new zealander who is in love with the internet. it hasn't always been a happy love affair but she's in pretty deep & won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
she is a university student some of the time & production assistant for a small web design company some of the time.
she does not have a ferret, but she is highly energetic & hyperactive.

i am pretty. i am also a bad man. i float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, nyah.

i'm a 22 year old south carolinian living in south florida. i despise south florida. however, i doesn't have anywhere else to move and i have a nice cushy job and business prospects, so i stay put for the meantime.

if someone lives somewhere where the average temperature is between 60-70 degrees per annum, please contact me. i will put out your fires if you let me sleep under your bed. i can be reached through my webpage, http://sebastian.nodata.org/version20/

26 years old long hair long beard long time before i understand all the things i want to understand, but i usually have at least one moment of clarity per day, which seems to be enough. for about 8 years i have known in my heart that the internet is a threat to my existence. too bad my company just got DSL. i have a furry cat covered with burrs, and have patterned the subjects of my self-description after amanda. thank you.

is a polymoprh who gravitates towards panivarous persons. sometimes she is considering canada, mostly she is hungry.

23 y/o Uni student (Masters in Internet Studies) fascinated with weblogs, game interaction and the conception of unix OSes. Spends her working time looking over the lovely swan river in perth, west australia and talking to interesting people.

full time mom of 2 kids, blog writer in my spare time, with a voracious appetite for the written word.

Hi I'm Josh. I'm 27 and I wish I were somewhere warmer. I'm not sure how I wandered here, I think I was probably searching for something or other like +"Ray Kurzweil" +patternist or something. Just got _Approaching the Singularity_ and I'm starting to read it. Anyway, there is definitely some interesting stuff as well as some interesting people here, so I'll probably stop back sometime.

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