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One-Line Bio

I play at the Robot Co-op and like my friends.


Here are some of the things that I've done, or witnessed:

1976: Born in California
1986: Turned 10
1992: Briefly owned a Ford Mustang convertible
1994: Graduated high-school
1994: Moved to Seattle, Washington
1998: Graduated college
1998: Hired as Amazon customer service rep
1999: Transferred to Amazon trainer/designer position
2000: Transferred to Amazon web developer position
2000: Got married
2000: Launched Seattle Stories (now gone)
2001: Launched Nervousness (sold in 2002)
2002: Launched All Consuming
2002: Wrote Man Versus Himself
2003: Transferred to Amazon product manager position
2003: Wrote Disaster
2003: Web developer again
2004: Got divorced
2004: Helped start Robot Co-op, joined as Chief Janitorial Officer
2004: Bought a loft
2005: Launched 43 Things


uncertainty, relativity, nonsense, emptiness, mu, silence, the future, robots, indecision, modernity, intuition, ambiguity, drunkenness, awkwardness, kittens, first impressions, the market, high ceilings, wood floors, sushi, blankets, fun