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Wednesday, 30 March 2005


Of course, you're still young, and you still have hopes/dreams of spreading your own meme's throughout the world in the quest for "the eternal". Sooner or later, perhaps, you might get tired and want little ones to do that for you (outsourcing the meme creation).

This will take care of:
* significant other

And the existence of that may preclude living without things like:
* toilet paper roll holder thing
* towel rack
* life insurance
* toaster, printer, blender
* reservations, tickets
* things on the shelves
* shelves
* sentimental items

But I feel ya...

Simplification is a Good Thing. Read some Feng Shui on purging life of complications, it's interesting stuff if you can get around all the furniture arrangement tips (although that may require books in our yet to be completely digitized world).


If you haven't already, I think you need to read Naive, Super [1].

[1]: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1841952516

Thanks for the book recommendation Les. My library doesn't have it but I may end up buying a copy if I can't find it anywhere else.

Jordan, yeah, I do think I'm not really in the same boat as most people regarding the value of possessions... and there's a possibility that I might come back full circle to wanting these conveniences. I'm probably overcompensating at the moment, also, because it is a new idea and I may have the strength of novelty on my side. We'll all change eventually... just not sure which direction... and in any case, I'm just stating where I am now, not necessarily where I'll end up (dead). Haha.

Regarding outsourcing meme-creation to our children... that's a sore spot that I have. I think it's one of the most doomed presumptions we can have... to pass the buck of finding out what to do with our life to our children... who in turn pass it off to their children. And now we have a planet full of people that have passed the buck to the next generation and the next. Again, probably overstating the point, but if we can't figure it out then why would our children?

I'd agree with most of your list, but I wonder why you find the switch from land-line to mobile phone agreeable? I'd have thought that switching in the other directon would be more relaxing...

Things I'd add (to the 'can-live-without' list):

* excessive amounts of toiletries (anything more than a shower-gel/shampoo combo, toothpaste and anti-persperant is too much)
* cd/dvd jewel cases
* any clothes you don't wear at least once a fortnight
* jewellary (including watches)


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