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Sunday, 20 March 2005


erik, how long were you at sxsw interactive, two days? three? and etech?

maybe the "less is more" philosophy applies here too. you spent less time at each conference, so what you got out of it meant more to you. hmm....

Yeah, I was only there for two days (maybe even 1.5). And then at etech for the full thing (4 days). Only because my tutorial thing was the first thing on the first morning... otherwise I would've made them a bit more balanced since sxsw is my true love. But yeah, the whirlwind conference tour did lend to me trying to enjoy each possible thing as much as I could. Still, I only get to see you all once a year, and I wish I could've had a bit more time to talk about Wrens gossip with you.

Seriously, props on extracting a concise narrative out of two conferences. Would that I could leave every panel with such a clear list of simple things learned. Maybe instead of notetaking I need to learn to mentally tag panels and discussions with hopes of drawing like-tagged ideas together into cleanly threaded blog wrap-ups.

Less is more indeed. Maybe you learned more because you drank less than the rest of us.

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